At last! As of RIGHT NOW on Steam or here, you can finally get an early access to the Mercenary Kings and join the fight against the forces
of CLAW on Mandragora Island!

I want this! Can I get it? Where can I get it? Which platform??
You are in luck! The game is available as of right NOW on Steam, for PC! Once completed, the game will be released for PS4. We want to release it in other formats down the road, but for the moment, Steam andPS4 are the priority.

Early Access? What is this??
It’s an earlier, not completed version of the game. It currently has 60 missions whereas the completed version of the game will have 100! This version of the game still needs your feedback to get it in the best possible shape and it’s why we are releasing it now.

It’s not complete??
It is not! The early access is still packed full of stuff, it even has the online multiplaying component, but it is not a completed version of the game, which is still in progress.

What’s missing?
We’re thrilled with the current version of the game, but we still need to balance different values (items, different enemy difficulties, weapons) ontop of adding the remaining missions, cutscenes and various sound effects.

Do I still get the full version of the game?
Yes! The full version of the game will automatically download when it’s released!

When is the completed version coming out?
Sometime around Fall!

The rest is now up to you! Do not let the world fall into chaos and strife! Join the Kings, craft weapons and CUT DOWN CLAW!

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